On the 2nd of September 2006 I picked up my new 2006 Uly from Frasers at Homebush! I was bloody excited!

I got a taxi to the dealership. ~$60 for a taxi doesn’t seem so bad when you’re just about to blow ~$18,000 on a bike hahaha. And met my friend Alex there on his scooter. We got some funny looks, two sport-bike blokes on a scooter buying a Buell from a Harley dealership.

My salesman was away sick, and his fill-in had a bit of hassle finding my paperwork and keys. But an hour-or-so later, I was riding away on ‘Buelly’, woo!

Buelly only had 10km on the clock when I got it, so it was very rough compared to the demo bikes I tested. It vibrated so much at idle that I couldn’t focus on anything, and could barely identify colours of traffic lights in the sun. Anything under ~40km/hr was a bit frightening for the first few km’s, until I learnt better clutch control.

Alex and I rode to Vadim’s workshop to meet up with a few of the twincam Across guys for a maintanence day. I spent the day there, talking bikes, admiring Buelly, being a hoon riding around the business park, getting used to the new bike… good fun!

Ooh, and it was so shiney!!!