Suddenly I started noticing all the “Help! Some bastard stole my bike!” posts on ‘biker forums’, and now I’m paranoid about my braaand new, quite rare (especially in Australia at the time of writing this) bike being stolen.

So I invested in a Scorpio 2-way paging alarm with a perimeter sensor.

I wont post too much info about how I mounted and wired it, but I will say it’s a very swish little thing, and installed very cleverly by yours-truely ;)

I have disabled the shock sensor, using only the perimeter and tilt sensors. With the Uly’s suspension, it is impossible to move or sit on it without triggering the tilt sensor.

The perimeter sensor works great in open spaces. I have tuned it, so that noone can stand within the ‘zone’ where the handle bars could be reached, or rummage through the seat-bag. Closed spaces can be an issue, such as parking next to a solid wall, hahaha. The signal reflects from the wall and picks up objects even up to ~5m away… I thought it was very funny when I first parked in an underground car park and forgot to disable the sensor, hahaha.

Anyway, all-up, I feel a bit safer with the alarm now. I don’t think it’s ever had to scare anyone away yet, but it does make me feel better. Plus, the warning ‘chirp’ sounds like a bird, and has caught a few peoples’ interest when parked outside my house in the rain :)

UPDATE: The battery in the alarm control does not last very long, and I forget to replace it, rendering the alarm useless (pure laziness). I also dropped the control a few times (as well as getting it wet, muddy, etc), and is now held together with electrical tape. It still functions propperly, which -I beleive- shows that the electronics are well made.