Being my obsessive self, I plan on changing the engine oil a LOT during the breakin process. I expect this big 1200cc v-twin lump to chew out a lot of metal. Especially with me giving it the ‘rental bike break-in’, where-by one flogs the bike like it’s stolen (which, wont ever happen by the way, with my fancy new alarm) and bed everything in nicely.

So, first engine oil change, at about 100km. I’ll do a transmission oil change at maybe 300km.

Buell XB’s carry their engine oil in the swingarm, which I think it very cool. The Uly has slightly easier access than the smaller Buells, but it is still a bit of a pain getting the oil from the drain plug past the exhaust - a shorter after-market exhaust will fix that ;).

There was not as much metal in the oil as I expected. About ~8mm worth on the magnetic sump plug, and a few specs in the oil.

And yay, I can finally use up some of this Penszoil mineral oil I’ve had stocked for the (very slow-moving) ZXR”950” project bike.

Oh, and non-Buellers (like I once was) might think it’s odd seeing a dip-stick on a bike :)