After a month-or-so of getting used to the new bike, I think it’s time for a track day at Oran Park - which I faaar prefer over Eastern Creek ;).

I head down with good mate Rick (from the twincam Across forums) on his Hyosung GTR250… don’t let your assumptions of Hyosung fool you, Rick is faaaast!!!

Like any track day, it was tops! :) I had a great sense of ‘connecting’ with Buelly, playing with suspension a little bit, and getting a much better feel for the bike.

To my surprise the Dunlop D616 (which were OEM on the 2006 Uly’s and cancelled for the 2007 Uly’s, replaced with Pirelli Scorpion Syncs) performed extremely well. Excellent grip and feel through all lean angles. They did start to overheat near the end of the day with ambient temperatures hitting ~38C. But otherwise, excellent.

PS - Thanks Keith.