I managed to drag Andt (from the twincam Across group) out on the dirt on his Across, hoping to lure more people to the world of adventure riding ;)

Andt had a blast, and will go on to own a red Hyosung GTR650 and ride it in unheard of places!

Anyway, we were just cruising the dirt roads. While Andt was having fun dealing with the Across (with 15 year old suspension and street tyres) in the sand, I had some fun and zoomed off ahead.

I could feel myself getting more confident (and faster) every week.

I eventually came to a gate in the road and stopped with a nice BMX style skid. Now I just need to do a simple U-turn on this mildly rocky dirt, and DOWN I GO, dammit! Hahah.

The Uly’s huge seat height caught me out, once I had a foot on the ground the bike was already at ~10 degrees, and I couldn’t hold it. Andrew arrived just in time to laugh at me, and help pick it up.

Not much damage, just some scuffs, and a broken indicator.

Now that first drop and first damage is out of the way - I can quit worrying and just RIDE the thing!