I’ve always wanted to film from my bike(s), on-bike footage is always fun to watch.

I’ve dabbled in the past with other bikes, but never been happy with the ‘platform’ provided by most sportbikes. There isn’t much room, many places to bolt things to, etc.

But now I have a Ulysses, it’s a completely different story. Very plush suspension, lots of power supply, nice big bars to bolt things to, and very comfortable & easy to ride (while controlling dials, for example). It’s the perfect platform for a multi-camera setup.

I already had a cheap generic “Personal Media Player” with AV recording functionality. So I just needed cameras, wiring, and power supply.

I settled on the cheapest cameras I could find, since I didn’t know what I really needed (or didn’t need) from the setup, so it would’ve been stupid to buy expensive cameras without knowing if I would really benefit from them.

A handful of ~$40 cameras from JayCar, some coaxil cable, RCA sockets, and a 12-pot dial switch, and I was in business.

The pot switch is to change between cameras. Just a simple hard-wired mechanicl switch, to change the camera connected to the AV-input of the recorder. So much more simple (and reliable) than fancy push-botton switches, with relays, indicators, etc.

The cameras are powered from a single 12V circuit via a 12V car socket, using the Uly’s dash mounted 12V outlet. Thanks Erik!

The fun part was finding places on the bike to mount the cameras. It was running late into the night, and I wanted to cameras ready for the track the following day. I settled on 2 cameras; one under the clutch lever facing forward, and one on the number plate facing backward.

For now, I’ve stuffed all the wiring, switch and recorder into a bag strapped to the bars.

Not tidy, but it works… Oh and no microphone yet.