Another track day, and my first ‘crash’ at ‘reasonable speed’. I had the onboard cameras running (badly, too much glare). I was enjoying playing on-track camera man, trying to get some cool footage of Rick, Andrew and Vadim.

It was a great day; and I met a good bloke -Ian- who ended up buying an Uly to replace his beemer. Cool!

About half-way through the day I had some kind of stupid brain failure, tried to overtake Vadim (who was on an Across, ie, I could have overtaken him easy) around the outside of turn 8. Vadim ran wider than I thought he would, I hesitated, entered ‘brain lock’ mode for a second, ended up on the grass and unable to persaude my body to steer back onto the track (LAME!).

Ended up riding into the deep gravel/rock pit on turn 9 (at the concrete wall) doing somewhere between 100-120km/hr (I guess). I thought I could keep it upright through the rocks (I do ride on dirt after-all), but nooo way that was going to happen. Immediately the front wheel suck, bike stopped, and flipped onto it’s side shooting me off through the air for a stylish landing on the back of my head.

Luckily I was able to rolling nicely onto my back and didn’t get hurt. Buelly was relatively fine, just a few scuffs and cracked oil-cooler scoop. No structural/metalic damage at all. Other riders at the track were impressed by Buelly’s robustness - “These American things ay… you’re lucky the warhead didn’t go off” said one dude. HaHahha.

Anyway, so I cleaned all the rocks out of the bike (or so I thought) and finished the day, riding faster than ever and loving it.

Note; and I am stiull yet to have a speed related accident, or even anything remotely major. Good record I think :)

Not many photos of this day, but I’ll try to find some on the net (thanks in advance Keith :P).