I left my house early Sunday morning for an advrider ride through Sunny Corner. After about 1km from my house while jumping over some speed-humps, I suddenly lost drive.

It was so sudden and quiet, I thought the clutch failed in some very very strange way. Didn’t occur to me that it was the belt until I got off, walking around the bike a couple of times, and finally noticed something missing, hahahah.

I picked up the snapped belt and rolled the bike home. Luckily it was mostly downhill, and I was able to shortcut through a walkway :D

I have ridden Buelly in all conditions; sand, mud, water, on the track, wheelies, etc. I’ve never inspected the belt, and only washed it (the belt) a couple of times. So 16,000km with zero maintanence is pretty good I think.

The inside surface of the belt has cracks between the teeth, and the belt was quite a lot ‘looser’ than a new belt.

In future I will carry a spare belt :) Some people are keeping their old belts are spares… I think that’s a bad idea, because the old belt may be more prone to damage in storage (ie, with the belt folded & squashed into a top-box), and it would absolutely suck to have your emergency back-up belt fail during a trip … then you’d be in trouble!

Buell specify that the drive pulley should be replaced when it has chips larger than ~6mm in it’s surface coating, as chips like this will damage the belt and cause premature failure. My rear pulley has at least ~6mm-worth of chipping on every 2nd or 3rd tooth. Being the experimental guy that I am, I left it as-is with the new belt. I’m interested to see how long this brand new belt will last with a heavily worn pulley under the same conditions. UPDATE: New new belt has clocked ~7,000km with the worn pulley and still looks “ok”. At least we know that a new belt wont be destroyed by a worn pulley dangerously fast - ie, if you carry a spare belt on a long trip, you could be confident it’ll get you home again.

Belts are great!

  • 16,000km with ZERO maintanence is pretty damn good!
  • ~AU$200 to replace is comparible with chain + sprockets.
  • It’s oh-so quiet and smooth, no more drive slop.
  • Very easy to change on the side of the road.
  • Very light, can be easily carried in a decent size bag or box.

** Unfortunately the belt can not be curled/folded/rolled/twisted up into a small size. So it is a little bit annoying to transport in that respect. The great minds of Badweb and Advrider are working hard on a good means of carry a spare, should come up with something soon. FB gave me a good idea about wrapping it around the inside of the airbox… I’ll experiment with that soon now I’ve done the open airbox mod.