After having the Buelly for a while, I discovered that I really like riding dirt, and it would be a good idea to have a propper dirtbike to go stupid on :)

After researching my options and getting advice from other riders, especially Jacob (thanks for not letting me get a DR850 dude! hahaha); I found out what I wanted… Something cheap, reliable, easy to work on, small and light enough to throw around single-track comfortably, yet still able to travel reasonable distances for ‘adventure’ style riding, without needing rebuilds every 10,000km.

An older TT250 was the obvious choice, and after a couple of months looking at the market, I found a greatlooking one on ebay. I won the auction at AU$19750… it was in Bargo (about ~2 hours drive in my slow little car).

Andrew came with me to pick it up and ride it back for me. We stopped to look at another TT250 along the way (which Andrew ended up buying, and still needs a bit of worked).

When we arrived at the guy’s house and saw my soon-to-be TT, it was clear it was well looked after. In awesome condition, already decked out with all the after-market bits I could ever want (bark busters, aluminium bash plate, staintune exhaust, braided brake lines, fender bag & and a box of spares, including various front sprocket sizes) - awesome! He’d fit a 15 tooth front sprocket for me, so it would cruise easier on the freeway.

And that was just-as-well, because we took a few detours. Riding through Hawkesbury Heights (to check out a lookout for Earth Hour), Richmond, etc. We got home late. I can’t remember how late exactly… but late.

Anyway, so that’s the story of how I got my TT!!!