TT has been burning a LOT of oil ever since drowning it… go figure. We wanted to take the TT to the TTT Rally next weekend. So it was time for some high-speed mechanics :-)

Andrew came ‘round for a few nights after work. We stripped the bike down, pulled the head and barrel off the engine, and tried to find something that looks bad (to our untrained eyes)… there was a lot of carbon deposits, but we couldn’t see anything conclusive like a broken ring, scratched bore, etc.

We think the rings could be worn, and/or one or more of the valve seals leaking. Next I will give the head to a top-end builder to clean up and replace the seals if needed. If it still burns oil, I’ll do the rings.

Ayway, it was still lots of fun, we both learnt a lot more about engines, and how figured out some cool ways to deal with annoying/weird bike-mechanic related things (like wrapping the bike in glad-wrap).

Thanks Andrew.