Nik is a friend of an Advrider and was visiting Australia (from Sweden) for a biking holiday. Riding what else, but a KTM Adventure hahah. Oh and he also works(worked) for KTM Sweden.

Kev aka Jaqhammer offered to show Nik some rides around Sydney, so I tagged along for a fun weekend adventure. We did the ‘loop’ through Mittagong, Wombeyan Caves, Taralga, Oberon and Jenolan Caves where we stayed the night.

Next day we went set up camp at a great motel at Blackheath (I’ll add the name/free plug when I remember it) rode out through Newnes National Park to the Glow Worm Tunnel.

That was very cool. The road was a pothole mindfield, and Buelly bottomed out a few times, but it was a lot of fun.

It was a great trip, I learnt a lot, my dirt-riding improved massively and I made a couple of good friends. Kev and Nik are both excellent riders (actually, Nik is a freak rider!) so it was really good riding with them and trying to pick up a few things. I clicked really well with Kev -a wealth of interesting facts and wisdom-, so I look forward to more rides with him in the future :)

Hopefully one day I’ll get to Sweden and do some snow-biking with Nik! Wooo that sounds cool!