MyNetFone provide an SMS service, currently for 10 cents/message, which is cheaper than my current mobile plan. It’d be cool to use the service when I’m near a computer, but the MyNetFone website is a pain to log into and send messages.

Recently I discovered they (MNF) have provided a simple API for using their SMSgateway… it’s been around for a long time, pretty stupid that I didn’t notice until now really.

After some Googling and searching on Whirlpool I couldn’t find an existing MNF api client which behaved how I wanted.

So I spent a night writing my own, also using it as an oppertunity to play with some fun architectural ideas but that’s another post (which I’ll never bother writing of-course :-P).

Download MyNetFoneSMS.


  • Saves to a non-encrypted non-humanreadable file when closed (saves “Settings” and “Contacts”).
  • Multiple receipts can be entered, seperated with “, “ or “; “.
  • Validates receipt phone numbers (ONLY validates any 10 digit number, eg, 0404111222 or even 1234567890).
  • Receipts can be entered in email-like format, eg, [email protected].
  • Creates or updates “Contacts” from receipts as they are entered.
  • “Contacts” can be selected (using the checkboxes) as receipts (buggy, just keep trying).
  • Shows message characters / parts as you type.
  • Shows status of all messages sent/being sent for the current session.
  • Queues messages to be sent in ‘the background’, so you can work on a new message without waiting for the prior one(s) to succeed.
  • Reports the HTTP User Agent “MyNetFone SMS Sender (Unofficial)”.