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.NET Framework 2.0 runtime (either Microsoft or Mono), net access on port 80 (websites).

All the data entered into the app are stored in Wherever You Installed To\

The data is encoded (not human readable), but not encrypted, so if someone can get your file, they’d have access to your numbers and able use your MyNetFone account.

Caution: Message history is now also saved in the file, so you might want to be careful with that.


  • Saves to a non-encrypted non-humanreadable file when closed (saves “Settings”, “Contacts” and “Message History”).
  • Multiple recipients can be entered, seperated with “, ” or “; “.
  • Allows local Australian (0404123123) and international numbers (+447111222333+, start AND finish with a +).
  • Recipients can be entered in email-like format, eg, [email protected]
  • Creates or updates “Contacts” from recipients as they are entered.
  • “Contacts” can be selected (using the checkboxes) as recipients (buggy, just keep trying).
  • Shows message characters / parts as you type.
  • Shows status of all messages sent/being sent for the current session.
  • Queues messages to be sent in ‘the background’, so you can work on a new message without waiting for the prior one(s) to succeed.
  • Reports the HTTP User Agent “My SMS Sender (Unofficial, By James Laugesen)”.
  • Checks status of SMS Gateway (eg, MyNetFone service) before attempting to send a Message.
  • Resizable split containers for Contacts and Message history.
  • Select Messages from the History to view or send again.
  • Displays current Balance from the Account Summary page on the MNF website portal.
  • Contacts can be deleted by selecting (from the list) and pressing the [Backspace] key.
  • Hyperlink to open MNF account portal.
  • Messages can be deleted from Message History (by selecting a message and pressing [Backspace]).
  • Mesasge fields are cleared after successfully sending, if you have not already started a new message.
  • Shows the Date/Time message was sent in the Message History.
  • Automatically sorts contacts (alphanumerically).
  • Displays a “New Version!” hyperlink when a new version is available. Clicking on the link opens the Download webpage.
  • Displays “hints” at the bottom of the GUI as you move around the application.


The application can run from anywhere with read/write access. So you can copy the EXE to a USB key, and run it from there. The DATA file is stored wherever the EXE is located, nothing is recorded anywhere else on the system.

*The host system still needs .NET framework 2.0, and a security policy allowing .NET applications to run from your device (USB key, etc).

Note I have no interest in gearing this app toward mass-messaging or any kind of commercial service. It will always be a simple, point-and-click application :-)

Discussion Please visit the Whirlpool forum post ( to discuss the application with other users and myself :-)