After hearing about Slicehost from Richard (hosting on a slice), I decided to give it a shot.

I was immediately struck by how straight-forward and just outright geeky their solution(s) and business model look… I like it!

So I purchased a 256MB slice running Ubuntu Gutsy. I’ve been using Ubuntu for a couple of years now. Ubuntu is my first experience using linux propperly (besides trying to fix things on Gentoo servers we had a while ago, when I couldn’t get hold of Richard hahah), and I think it’s about time that I get more into the “real stuff”, using bash, setting up services, all that fun stuff.

I’ve had enough experience managing & developing for Winblows servers to know what I want do, and what types of problems I want to avoid. I just didn’t know how to go about things.

Setting up all my DNS records was a little bit frustrating. It would be cool to be able to transfer from the existing primary NS, but I slugged through it and entered all the records. At least now they’re all finished and hosted in a single place.

After DNS I was ready to make my new slice do stuff. I found the Slicehost technical articles for Ubuntu and worked through them step-by-step. These articles are bloody fantastic by the way! I can’t praise them enough, freekin’ unreal!

Anyway, after working through the appropriate articles I had a server doing whatever I wanted :-)

  • Apache, MySQL, Ruby, Rails, Gems, SSL, “Virtual Hosts” and Mongrels clusters proxied by apache. Coool!

All-up I only spent a few hours working through the articles and setting everything up. The experience was so so smooth and efficient. I’m almost certain that it would be much slower/stressful for a windows n00b linux guru to acheive the equivalent result on a Winblows server with windows-orientated technologies.

Slicehost is great.