I’ve liked the Drupal project for a long time, but never enough to give it a good go… it’s always been a bit too “PHP” for me (being from the ASP->ASP.NET school and all, haha).

But with my new slice, and even more appreciation for linux/apache/etc I thought I’d have another look at Drupal and get a playground running on my slice.

Drupal 6.x - WOW!!! Some great features. I was hooked, and I could see some decent casual business ventures I could use it for.

So yep, definitely installing Drupal on my slice :-)

Before I looked much into Drupal, I made a mental list of what I want/need it to do (ideally), how I’d like it configured, updated, managed, etc:

  • Single instance of the core system (just say NO to forks!).
  • Install & update from CVS (downloading and extracting files is dangerous man).
  • Multiple unique sites from a shared core.
  • “Deploy” new sites by copying some some templates around and changing config files.

So that’s what I wanted.

And walla, Drupal does it all! And there was even a how-to for exactly that on the first page of Google :-)

I worked through this article, Multisite CVS Drupal Install on Ubuntu had a running Drupal install with a test site, and the ability to easily create more sites under the same Drupal core.

I did have one exception to that how-to article, I’m using named virtual hosts in apache, not directory hosts (or whatever it’s called).

It seems that some of the options set in the default Drupal .htacess and in the above how-to, can not be used with named virtual hosts… or something. I don’t really know, I just commented things out until it the drupal site worked, and I don’t really care why hahah.

Eventually I removed all of the following things from Drupal’s .htaccess (and did not include them in the apache site config):

AllowOverride None
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
AllowOverride None
Order allow,deny
allow from all

Drupal then runs fine on named virtual hosts.

Next up I want a script to create new Drupal sites super-easily.