I got a stainless steel brush for $3.00 from a bargain-bin at Repco. Chris was rust-proofing and painting his trailer, so I thought the brush might be useful for that, or something.

But, why not attack the TT with the brush? Old bikes, especially dirtbikes, always build up some surface rust and corrosion on common components; spokes, high-tensile bolts, kick starter, footpegs, etc.

In my experience the majority of “stuff that looks like rust” is really just surface rust. With the high quality steels and alloys used in bikes (most bikes? ahah) you’d really need to neglect it for a long time to get things rusting through.

Anyway, so I went over everything I could reach with the (large) brush, and the result was quite good! I’ll get into the smaller places later with the dremel.

Note: Don’t try to brush the oxidisation of large surfaces, like the forks… it looks bloody crap! As you can see if one of my photos, hahaha… I’m an idiot.