One of the TT’s exhaust manifolds is leaking. Ironically it’s easy to identify (and therefore confirm when I’ve fixed it) with the engine burning so much oil and blowing so much smoke, hahah.

The TT250 (not to be confused with the TT225!) has 2 exhaust ports on either side of the frame. Only one of my ports is leaking.

There’s 2 problems:

  • The leaking port has a slightly stripped thread I could use a longer bolt, where the thread is still good).
  • The non-leaking port has no gasket! <– Yes that’s right, not a typo. Haha weird ay.

After considering things, I decided it’s too much hassle to drill out the semi-stripped thread and insert a coil. I’ll just use a longer bolt.

The copper gaskets in the leaking port looks very crap, so I’ll replace that. I took the gaskets from my old/spare head, they appear is ok condition.

Now I re-install the headers with the re-used gaskets and fire up the smokey engine. Looks good, much less smoke leaking, but still some. Tightening the (now longer) bolts of the leaking port fixes the remaining leak - Woohoo, no more leaking exhaust.

So to conclude. I fixed my leaking exhaust manifold by re-assembling everything correctly (is that a surprise? haha) - with copper gaskets, bolts long enough to not strip and torque to specification.