The TT250 (like most old bikes) has a 6V electrical system.

The battery in mine has died, so it’s time for a new battery. In true style I got a $20 SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery from Jaycar; lazy, cheap, or clever? I’ll let you decide :-) It’s cheap, roughly the same size as standard, 6V, and 4.2AH (double specification), and mostly importantly easy to find.

So I wired in the new battery and cable-tied it into the butchered battery cradle. Now the horn works properly, even without the engine running, but none of the lights work.

Quick inspection with a multimeter shows that all end-points except the headlight are getting the current & voltage they should have (indicators, taillight, etc) - it’s just all the globes and/or bayonet sockets have rusted and corroded to failure.

This brings me to the real subject of this post - Finding 6V globes! Geez, what a hassle.

I don’t want to change to 12V, because I have no reason other than lack of commonly available 12V globes - and I want to stick it to the ‘man’, yeah I’m a rebel :-D

I think the best option is to use LED’s wired for 6V. So I will start looking for commercial options (like LED-bayonet arrangements), and price wiring up by own. The TT’s stock indicators are round and are perfect candidates to pack full of LEDs with hot-glue.

I’ll keep this post updated when I settle on a solution to my 6V troubles :-)