I bought a 1989 NX650 Dominator off ebay (won the auction) for AU$1006.95! Hahah. Even turned out to belong to a guy who lives a few streets away in Normanhurst; that’s a good sign ay :-)

I picked it up after work with Jake (thanks mate!) and we were both shocked by the condition, wow! It’s awesome! Everything is clean and well maintained, fresh tyres, fresh brake-pads, blah blah blah - awesome!

It has already been decked out as a true “adventure tourer”; reinforced subframe, a real headlight guard, nice powerful headlight, big 25L tank, crash bars, pannier frame, rear box frame, bark-busters, toolbox, container of spare oil… I could keep going. It’s just unreal!

The previous owner is selling all his bikes getting ready to prep a new bike for a round-the-world trip.

The Dominator has been cutting out (seemingly) randomly; and has had a lot of money & time spent trying to find/fix the problem. It’s a very sharp cut-out, so most definitely electrical. When not cutting out, the engine runs great.

All the natural things have already been checked and/or replaced; spark leads, CDI, wiring loom, etc.

That’s great, because I can already eliminate lots of things.

I’ll start troubleshooting it on the weekend. A pretty simple process though, leave it idling, wiggle and poke wires around until I can reproduce the problem - then figure out which wires or connectors it is and fix them.

Unfortunately my camera has died so I don’t have any photos of the NX yet - hopefully I can fix it too? ;-)