Thismorning I took the NX650 to get a blue slip so I could register it, a few things went wrong, kinda.

About 200m from my house the bike started to stumble, I was running out of fuel. No I’m not that stupid; the 25L Acerbis tank is divided into two sections at the lower side so it can ‘wrap’ around the frame. Earlier I had drained some fuel from the tank to use in Chris’s project lawnmower. This had drained all the fuel from the side with the fuel-line, leaving another ~5L inaccessable on the other side of the tank. So I just needed to pull over, lay the bike on it’s side to drain the extra fuel over, and off I go.

While I’m looking for somewhere safe to stop I noticed two highway patrol cars behind me. Being in Hornsby, they’re probably Kuring Gai HWP guys (who’re never real friendly to me hahah). The NX still has it’s old rego plate and label on, it’s a 2007 label, so it’s blue, and obviously unregistered. So I pulled over ASAP to sort the fuel out and talk to the police.

Surprise surprise, it’s the same HWP officer who often pulls me up in the Hornsby’ish area, and insists that my Buell is not road legal, or I’m not licenced to ride it, or whatever (Oh I’ve never been fined or issued at EPA notice though, just to set the record straight).

Anyway, he was initially quite uncheerful. I had all my paperwork ready (previous registration, pending CTP insurance and a letter of intent), and he let me go with no hassle at all, which was a cool surprise! The letter of intent is definitely a good idea :-)

The real issue - Australian VIN stamp… Short story is, the NX did not pass inspection because the Australian VIN could not be located on the frame.

Bike particulars:

  • manufactured in 1989.
  • imported to Australia and received compliance in 2003 (same model was distributed to Australia by Honda, so ADR approval is not an issue).
  • registered in NSW until July 2007.
  • manufactures VIN stamped onto the headset boss is like you’d expect; “RDO2-500blahblahblah”.
  • yellow compliance plate rivited to the frame (near the left footpeg).
  • allocated Australian VIN 605blahblahblah, stamped onto the yellow compliance plate.

Apparently the Australian VIN (stamped on the yellow compliance plate) must also be stamped onto the frame, usually near the original VIN on the headset boss… and we could not find the Australian VIN stamped on my NX’s frame.

I will strip it down on the weekend and try to locate the VIN. Otherwise not sure what I will do… dang.

On a side-note, the AUVIS (Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station) I went to (Carline Mufflers @ Hornsby) was friendly and by-the-book, which is how it should be, so they get a thumbs up from me :-) Last thing you want is illegal vehicles being allowed into the system, changing hands multiple times, and then one day being caught out… which is what may have happened with my NX :-(