To find an RTA Authorised Vehicle Inspection Station, you need to phone a number listed on the RTA’s webpage, there is no list published on the RTA website, and I could not find a list published anywhere on the internet.

I assume this is to restrict people from trawling through many inspection stations until they find someone who will approve a questionable vehicle… which is a fine cause, but us internet-folk like freedom of information don’t we?

So I will maintain a list of inspection stations here, adding to the list as I learn about more:

Castle Hill

  • Castle Hill Service Centre 96 347 390


  • Carline Mufflers 94 766 633
  • Essential Mechanical 94 823 844
  • A1 Northside 94 829 155

North Parramatta

  • Tony & Tony Pty Ltd aka MY-T Automotive 98 909 351

Small list ay! hahaha.
You can help, if you know of an AUVIS please leave a comment with the details (Suburb, Name, Phone #) and I’ll add it.