UPDATE: it seems that sending SMSes internationally using MyNetFone has generally been working well… so I’ll call it ‘working’ :-)

There has been some discussion on Whirlpool regarding sending International SMSes using MyNetFone’s MyText SMS service, here’s some of the Whirlpool posts for a bit of background;

In this post I will clarrify some the stuff regarding my Sms Sender vs MyNetFone for international sms’ing, and hopefully (eventually) update this bike with a resolution :-)

My Sms Sender on international numbers and SMSes
The instructions for my app say to “start and finish international numbers with a +”. Since version 0.4, this can actually be a + or a #, and I will soon update the message and documentation to say “start and finish numbers with a #”, which is more inline with telephony standards.

The + and # are only used by my app for the sake of usability, they have no impact on how messages are sent.

My app automatically adds numbers typed into the ‘Contacts’ list. Since international numbers can be any length (and I reeally don’t want to program in carrier code vs length logic or call a webservice), I use the + prefix to signal that the user has started typing an international number, and the # (or +) suffix to indicate that they have finished typing an international number, so that it can now be added to the ‘Contacts’ list.

The Contact is stored and displayed with the + and #/+ on the number (exactly as it was typed) for consistency to the user… it’s not cool to change users’ input in stupid little ways… I’m looking at you Microsoft ;-) This also allows me to code logic specific to international numbers in future versions (such as sending international numbers to MyNetFone differently to work around a problem).

Note I will update the app to say “enter international numbers in E.164 format, ie no 0011 prefix.”. This is consistent with MyNetFone and accepted standards. However, the app can not validate numbers to ensure they have been entered correctly, it’s up to the user.

MyNetFone and international SMSes
I personally have never successfully sent an international SMS using MyNetFone’s gateway. Though I have attempted, and not received an error response. They only way I know it was unsuccessful is because the recipient never recieved it.

MyNetFone expect international numbers in E.164 format, which basicly means no 0011 prefix (my app will be updated to inform users of this, as noted above).

Solution(s) - to send international SMS using my Sms Sender Well, there are no known solutions right now, hahah, sorry, come back later. I’ll keep this post updated with the latest MyNetFone international SMS gossip.

A potential solution when using my app, could be for the app send international messages via a different SMS gateway (instead of MyNetFone) which does work. Although that is fairly ugly in my opinion, since it would require another registration, or something strange like that… I’ll think about it more, but please leave a comment to the post if you’ve got any cool ideas.

Happy (local) SMS’ing! James