I’ve been using the Google Chrome web browser for a couple of weeks and dang I like it! Firefox has been annoying me for some time, I think it’s become bloated and ridiculous… Chrome is just a browser, with a few features - all of which are extremely useful, and usable.


However some people aren’t cool with the installation process, where a ‘bootloader’ installer connects to the net, and downloads and installs Chrome all secret-like.

Google will definitely have reasons for doing that, such as transparently determining Operating System, versions, etc.

But if you’re Feeling Lucky you can grab the main “installers” from the following URL (well, at the time of writing this you could):

Happy Chroming… wait no… you know what I mean.


PS - Yep it’s been a long time since I last posted, and I have heeaaps of news - HEAPS! That’ll-all come later in another post when I have time, but a the general jist is; hit by car, hospital, recovering, work “restructure”, moving house, bikes.