Well I’ve been meaning to get-around to posting about my hospital adventures! So finally here it is, or maybe just an intro :-)

So on the 4th of August (2008) I was cycling to work (was a Monday) as-usual (CYCLING, not on a motorbike like so many people have assumed hahaha).

I stopped at a red light on Pennant Street in Castle Hill, there was a bus in front and not enough room in front, so I stayed behind the bus (purposely stayed faar back from the bus and in the far right side of the lane so people on the other side of the intersection could see me).

Lights went green, I clipped in, waited for the bus to cross the intersection, then cruised off slowly. Within a second when I was just-about in the middle of the intersection, I saw a car turning towards me (coming the opposite direction turning right) and made no attempt to slow down or swerve (driver says the sun was in her eyes and she “drove straight through me”).

So the car hit my right leg, I hit the bonnet, windscreen, off the side of the windscreen onto the ground, etc.

After yelling something like “WHAT THE F%$K!?!” I took a few seconds to see if my toes and fingers seemed to be working, then sat up slightly to make sure I wasn’t gunna get run over or something and if I could stand up (I’ve had so many exciting crashes on all sorts of bikes, seemed instinctive to just bounce back up)… then I saw the lower half of my right leg, which was veery much in the wrong position! Hahahah bugga!

About that same second a guy got to me, put my head down, told me to stay still, asked my details, etc, etc. Then a few more people came and acted out text-book perfect first-aid. That was really cool, I felt pretty comfortable the whole time.

Ok I’ll rush through the rest now… Paramedics came, spent a long time in the ground since there was no need to rush me to hospital. Guy who helped me was trying to call the “ICE” contacts in my phone, noone answered HAhahah! Eventually got onto Cherie who met me in emergency and stayed for ages, isn’t she rad! Coolness even.

Main damage was right tibia and fibular mid-shaft compound fractures (I’m learning all the jargon).

Had surgery to put everything back together with a tibial nail (titanium rod through the full length of the inside of the tibia… surgery is so cool!).

Developed compartment pressure syndrome, had fasciotomy to both sides of right leg.

A few more small operations to sort out the fasciotomy(s).

Eventually out of hospital on the 22nd of August. Then lazing around in bed for a few more weeks, and some more trips to hospital to fine tune things :-)

… yeah that’s enough typing for today :-| I have plenty of little hospital-related stories to post, it was all pretty entertaining :-D Hahahaa.

Cheers, Look out for cyclists! hahah.