With the sudden failure of my iPhone’s wifi I needed to find another means of tethering the iPhone to my laptop, since that is the connection I use when not at work.

Very simple recipe;

  • June Fabrics' excellent PdaNet for iPhone supports tethering via USB to a Windows host.
  • The latest closed source version of VirtualBox (2.1.4 at the time of writing) has very reliable USB pass-through.
  • And the latest iTunes (required for the PdaNet Desktop Client) work perfectly in a Windows XP Virtual Box virtual machine.

After a few minutes installing iTunes and the PdaNet Desktop Client on my “utilities” Windows XP virtual machine; I was up-and-running!

The virtual machine has full interwebs access via the USB-tethered iPhone, woo wooo.

So I’m now downloading the latest iPhone firmware at ~180KB/s - not bad at all.

I’m also totally sold on USB tethering, much nicer than using an ad-hoc wifi. Less battery usage, less heat in the iPhone, more reliable, blah-de-blah-bah.

Now how about an “iPhone tethered Windows XP virtual machine internet gateway” for the Ubuntu host and other virtual machines? … yeah, that’d be rad. Stay tuned for a follow-up post :-D