Due to my sudden wifi problem, I am upgrading my iPhone to the latest firmware (2.2.1).

I want to do a full restore of the new firmware; to "clean" up the phone and hopefully solve fix the wifi.

But, my phone is jailbroken and I have a lot of really useful apps installed from Cydia, with lots of useful data saved within them. So I need to do a full restore, without loosing my Cydia apps.

Obviously, the brilliant iPhone Dev Team have the solution(s) :-D


I can download the latest QuickPWN and Firmware from http://www.quickpwn.com/downloads.

Then I can follow these steps to upgrade a jailbrokwn iphone from iPhone Download Blog.

... and then I should be sweet :-)

Success/Failure update coming soon.

Just a reminder to myself when I forget again the future, the downloaded .ipsw iPhone firmware file (aka .zip file? haha) needs to be placed in:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates

Everything went smoothly;

  1. Backup using AptBackup.
  2. Backup using iTunes.
  3. Restore firmware 2.2.1 using iTunes.
  4. QuickPWN.
  5. Install OpenSSH, BossPrefs and AptBackup using Cydia.
  6. Restore backup using iTunes.
  7. Restore backup using AptBackup.
  8. Sync using iTunes.

Then everything is generally how I left it, asside from;

  • Icon positions lost.
  • Custom ringtones lost (including those assigned to Contacts).
  • Hacked SMS tone lost.
  • Settings & data of apps from Cydia lost.
  • Cycorder videos lost - which I didn't back up, and am annoyed about.