I've recently started setting up CruiseControl.NET to run under Mono on an Ubuntu server.

The ccnet.exe process is starting successfully, and projects can be monitored from cctray.

After forcing a build, here what happens: 

[formage.jl.sg:INFO] Project: 'formage.jl.sg' is first in queue: 'formage.jl.sg' and shall start integration.
[formage.jl.sg:DEBUG] https://svn.localhost/formage.jl.sg/trunk
[formage.jl.sg:DEBUG] Starting process [/usr/bin/svn] in working directory [/home/james/public_html/ccnet.jl.sg/private/projects/formage.jl.sg/working] with arguments [log https://svn.localhost/formage.jl.sg/trunk -r "{2009-03-20T07:01:03Z}:{2009-03-20T07:17:11Z}" --verbose --xml --username ccnet --password ********* --non-interactive --no-auth-cache]
[1092073808:DEBUG] [formage.jl.sg /usr/bin/svn] [1092073808:DEBUG] [formage.jl.sg /usr/bin/svn]  [1092073808:DEBUG] [formage.jl.sg /usr/bin/svn] 
[formage.jl.sg:WARN] Process timed out: /usr/bin/svn log https://svn.localhost/formage.jl.sg/trunk -r "{2009-03-20T07:01:03Z}:{2009-03-20T07:17:11Z}" --verbose --xml --username ccnet --password ********* --non-interactive --no-auth-cache.  Process id: 21384.  This process will now be killed.

So the subversion operation is timing out, but it does appear to return correct output before timing out (the svn command does execute manually), ie: 

jameslaugesen ~: /usr/bin/svn log https://svn.localhost/formage.jl.sg/trunk -r "{2009-03-20T07:01:03Z}:{2009-03-20T07:17:11Z}" --verbose --xml --username ccnet --password ccn3t --non-interactive --no-auth-cache

No modifcations in source control... process should just move on.

So far I've just been googling with no results, and trying various configuration combinations, making sure paths are correct/exist.

I've also tried a few different ccnet versions (,, and with the same result.

It's bound to be something stupid, but hopefuly someone else in the same position can find this post :-)