OSX has just "installed successfully" onto a QEMU image file on my laptop running Ubuntu (Intrepid).

The install went very smoothly, and the OS boots smoothly... to the grey screen of death hahaha.

After many unsuccessful attempts with Virtual Box, I found:

I followed d4lamar's guide precisely, and everything worked smoothly.

OSX has literally only just finished installing, so I will update with some screenshots and more results later.

And of course since we all know how ridiculous Apple are, be aware that the current EULA deems running OSX on non-Mac hardware "illegal" ... for lack of a better understanding I presume ;-)

So if you want to play around with this, do like me and have a genuine OSX license, and buy a Macbook of some kind... yep.

 Now working on getting past the grey screen, woo woo.