I put solar panels on the roof of my old 4wd on a whim (and also to cover up some bad rust) and they ended-up being so much more handy than I expected… so many great plusses to having them permanently mounted.

Aaanyway, I’ve been tossing around different ideas for mounting a couple on the WH ever-since the drive home when I bought it (from Melbourne, thanks Mich!).
I ended up wasting heaps of time, and a fair bit of money, but I’ve finally settled on a set-up.

I started with two “80W” panels, which are too small to produce 80W I recon, but they’re the most convenient size I could find.

2 lengths of round steel run through each panel, into holes through the inside edge of the stock roof rails.

The rails curve slightly in all dimensions, so each length of steel is different, and the panels are kept separate to take up some angle.

I also put the CB antenna up there which looks pretty funny I recon.
The gap around the rail means the cross-bars still fit if I ever need to carry something.

Mounting like this means they’re down real low and don’t look too out of place, especially after I’ve tidied them up with some sealant and more paint.

Obviously they’re really close to the roof in some spots, so I’ll be keeping an eye on them. They’ve been fine on some rough roads so-far, but might get close with the body flexing and slamming around.
They’ll also get very hot like that, so the output will be reduced a fair bit… buut, I’m kinda just taking a punt on it.

PS; This was originally just posted on the AJOR forums, but I’ve replicated it here in-case another crash causes any posts to be lost.

Update After an 11,500km loop of Darwin, Nhulunbuy, Alice, etc back to Sydney I can confirm that my mounting is holding up great(!). Absolutely zero movement or sag after some really tough conditions (the drive out to Gove & back, plenty of 130km/hr with gusts from road trains in NT, etc.).