I finally got around to fitting the 4x rear guard 2 and sliders onto my WH, with the LRA aux fuel tank in-place.

Here’s some photos of the original mounts hacked up, to fit ‘around’ the LRA frame.
Sitting on the LRA frame put them about ~4mm further inwards, but the slots machined into the 4xguard mounts gave just (barely) enough room to get the bolts through.

I just need to add two more brackets down from the towbar bolts, to compensate for weakening the original mounts.

Soo just in-case someone in the future is googling like I was a few months ago; it is possible to install the 4xguard rear sliders and rear guard on a WH (and XK I guess.) without dropping the LRA tank.

PS; This was originally just posted on the AJOR forums, but I’ve replicated it here in-case another crash causes any posts to be lost.