I recently grabbed this “smart home controller” thingo from Aldi (apparently no-one wanted it at our local store, so the price had been reduced a few times.).

The instructions (from Winplus, the product developer in Australia.) say to use the “e-control” app for iOS… which is actually called “BroadLink e-Control”.

This app is from the Chinese manufacturer, BroadLink, and it has crap UX like most things Chinese developers (unfortunately.).

The app immediately pushes you into a “sign up”/”sign in” process, which doesn’t make much sense. The “sign up” form is unclear about what fields are required, and whether an error has occurred.

I initially thought the sign-up process wasn’t working; because their was no meaningful feedback. As-did some other people based-on the iTunes feedback.

But, the app does work; you just need to fill-out all the fields on the sign-up form (including adding a picture.).