Media Temple’s Grid-Server has a simple integration to activate CloudFlare for a domain. However it only creates a CNAME DNS records to “point” to CloudFlare, so you must have a host-header such as “www.”.

For CloudFlare to host/proxy a site without a host-header DNS needs to be delegated to them.

Due to the Media Temple partnership with CloudFlare, you receive the “Railgun” service for no cost - Which is awesome! So I was concerned that by adding a site directly via the CloudFlare console (instead of Media Temple.), we might loose the free Railgun perk…

But, Railgun is still available on a free plan when used with a site hosted on a Media Temple Grid-Server! It seems to just take a few minutes for CloudFlare to detect everything with Media Temple, then wham - You can turn Railgun “on” via the “Speed” tab.

Thanks to this person for posting this, which encouraged me to give it a try rather than just assuming it wouldn’t work.